How to Upscale your Christmas Liquor

How to Upscale your Christmas Liquor

Store Staff

With family time fast approaching, it’s time to begin thinking about what bevy’s you’ll be sharing with your loved ones this Christmas. This year, why not go the extra mile and choose something special to pair with each part of the day! Here’s our fresh take on adding some finesse to your festivities.

First things first - unless you live near an artisanal micro brewery, or an exclusive cellar door, regular bottle shops nearby won’t do. You are going to need an online purveyor of unique beers and luxe spirits who offers a range of limited edition, specialist and global brands.

So what and when to quaff?


Time to get in the spirit. Adding a delicious fruity or citrus cocktail goes a long way to bringing some fun to any meal, but none more so than Christmas brunch. Why not try a Melon Patch or Seabreaze. These Vodka based cocktails are mixed with a variety of freshly squeezed seasonal juices and bring a refreshing start to your festivities.

Upscaling these cocktails is a sinch, and like anything starts with your ingredients. Aside from visiting your local grocer to choose from some amazing seasonal fruits to juice a high quality spirit such as Belvedere or Grey Goose vodka will elevate your drinks. The smoother finish and finer taste go a long way to add a touch of chic to your brunch.


Beer is Sumptuous. You might not think of beer as very elegant nor opulent but let us reassure you the right kind of exclusive beer can be a very fine thing on a summer afternoon. Coopers Vintage Ale: Seasonal Release is a limited edition beer that is uniquely crafted each year and characterised by its hop selection. This ale is sublime and provides for an abundance of potential tasting notes conversation.

But refining your Christmas with exclusive beer doesn’t have to mean it is expensive, or even craft beer for that matter. Try putting some global beers on ice. Vailima Beer from Samoa is the perfect summer slugger, combining Australian Pale Malt, Samoan rainwater, and German ‘Hallertau’ hops. Or sample India’s own Kingfisher Premium Lager for a crafty, classy afternoon approach.


Sundowners and night caps. Some might suggest that the best that Christmas has to offer is sharing a moment with your loved ones as the sun sets or the well deserved rest among the twinkling lights after a long day. What will you reach for when you relax and recline?

Tradition calls for, brandy, cognac, whisky, bourbon, or spiced rum. If you like your brandy neat and doubled (since it is Christmas), we suggest Overeem XO Brandy. If whisky is your go to, enjoy a nip of Johnnie Walker Blue Label for a smooth blended scotch whisky, or find a bottle of something unique like a peaty Ardbeg Scorch Single Malt Limited Edition or Hibiki to keep the Christmas spirit and conversation flowing.

If you’re really looking to wow your guests, why not reach for something from across the globe? Ramp up the harmony with a Hibiki Japanese whisky, or enjoy the rich taste of Amrut Indian single malt. Whatever your choice, sip it slow and savour the moments with your favourite company.

Where to Find Premium Liquor?

Regardless of your particular flair, finding that special touch for Christmas is easier than searching for ‘bottle shops near me’. Discovering unique liquor alternatives has never been more effortless and attainable. We recommend picking the best online bottle shop and making sure they offer express shipping and secure packaging and delivery. Contact Paul’s Liquor to find out more about how we can improve your Christmas experience.