Know More about the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Year of the Wood Dragon X James Jean

Know More about the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Year of the Wood Dragon X James Jean

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Year of the Wood Dragon X James Jean is a limited-edition blended Scotch whisky. It was brought to the market for a special occasion. The Scotch whisky seeks to commemorate the Chinese Lunar New Year 2024. Hence, the presence of the Wood Dragon’s design on the bottle.
Users can order the 750 ml bottle from stores like Paul’s Liquor. This Blue Label whisky is known to come with an alcohol content of 40 percent ABV.
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Design – A key hallmark of the whisky 

The design features the Wood Dragon, often considered one of the toughest zodiac animals. Many people believe that the Wood Dragon emerges from an ancient forest as a symbol of life and creativity. The careful ageing in wooden casks makes them a highly sought after brand among whisky connoisseurs the world over.
The illustration was created by Taiwanese-American artist James Jean. The artist is known for his intricate and detailed illustrations, paintings, and comic book covers.
Coming to the design, we can see that the Earthy tones of green and blue merge beautifully with the fiery red tones to create a stunning visage of the dragon. This design blends seamlessly with the iconic ‘Keep Walking’ motif that graces bottles of Johnnie Walker.
The price of this limited edition bottle varies depending on the retailer. You can check out online stores like Paul’s Liquor to find out more about the product and its availability. 

Why scotch whisky is so popular?

Scotch whiskies are somewhat light in the body, with a distinctive smoky malt flavor. A good bottle of Scotch whisky will retain the color, aroma, and taste of the raw materials used and the method of its production and maturation. A good Scotch whisky must comprise a minimum alcoholic strength by volume of 40% or above.

Scotch whisky is popular because of its distinct flavor and smoothness. It is genuinely diverse, ranging from rich and dense peat to smooth fruit – even light floweriness in some malts. Each type of scotch has its own unique flavor profile, but all scotch whiskies share some common characteristics that make them special. Distilleries have found that their whisky may appeal to one emerging market over another, which can be extremely lucrative – if sales take off.

About Johnnie Walker 

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a premium blended Scotch whisky that is known for its smooth and complex flavor profile. Unlike other Johnnie Walker labels, Blue Label does not carry an age statement. It is made from rare whiskies that have been aged for at least 25 years. The blend is more mature and has a richer and smoother taste than other Johnnie Walker labels. 

Since it is a premium blended Scotch, it carries immense premium among whisky fans all over the world. Get your favorite Johnnie Walker Scotch only at Paul’s Liquor.
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