Cambus has been marketed at various ages, as well as a no-age-statement. A grandfather 40-year-old is on offer as part of Diageo’s 2016 Special Releases. It's also the oldest whisky in the year's collection and only the third time a grain whisky has featured since the Special release programme commenced in 2001.


A roller coaster history that started in the early 19th century finally came to a close in 1993 as part of Diageo’s infrastructure reorganisation. In 2011, the distilling equipment was removed and Cambus was converted to a warehouse and cooperage, consolidating nearby Carsebridge and Dundashill in Glasgow.


In Scotland, grain whiskies can be produced from almost any type of grain, however, the most common examples employ wheat, corn and a little malted barley. Column stills replace copper pot stills, the former resulting in a light, clean and fruity spirit, mostly used to stretch out blends. Not surprisingly, single grains are maligned by malt snobs yet this underdog category has its place. Matured in refill American oak hogsheads, just 1,812 bottles of this extraordinary dram have been produced. One for collectors, whisky nerds and completionists, it also comes with a glowing review from Serge Valentin below. Stocks are extremely limited.

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