Pickup available at Paul's Liquor (Western Sydney outlets). Please email us before picking up.

A collectible Teaninich, celebrating the distillery's 200th Anniversary (1817-2017). The packaging is marked accordingly. It's only the third time in ten years that this little-known Highlander has appeared on our shelves. As the focus is producing malts for blending (it's used in Johnnie Walker & Vat 69), to our knowledge, there are no official bottlings besides this (excepting Diageo's Flora & Fauna label). Mostly sold out in Europe.

Situated just a mile from the Cromarty Firth, for a good portion of the 20th century Teaninich was the only distillery north of Inverness with electricity and telephones. Since taking ownership, Diageo have continued to modernise, and in 2013 announced a major upgrade, as well as the construction of a new 'super distillery' adjacent to the original, securing Teaninich's future as a quiet work horse. This release was distilled prior to a 2000 expansion, hence Diageo describe it as an "older style of Teaninich" - whether or not that impacts the flavour, regardless, the house style is difficult to generalise.

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