In the Tamil dialect, Kadhambam means 'mixture' or 'combination'; Aptly named given this is matured in rum, sherry and brandy barrels resulting in a singular whisky.

Tasting note: Polished copper. A densely packed aroma, as you come to expect from this distillery; a fusion of sweet spices, charry oak and nuttiness on the nose. Quite bound up. 3-4 minutes draws out a peaty aspect as smouldering cedar and burning pine cone (?) develop. Big but not overbearing with the weighty malt supported by lively peppers and dried fruit characteristcs in the mouth. Ends lightly acidic, tannic and chewy with woody cigar box notes and flashes of dried fruits in the fade. With everything seemingly happening at once, perhaps the definition is obscured. One barrel too many in the mix? 50% Alc./Vol.


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