The newest, oldest whisky to join Ardbeg's core range is an impressively packaged 25 year old, an age statement not seen since the 'Lord of the Isles' bottlings over a decade ago. It's also the oldest permanent addition to the brand, distilled in the 1990s, and available in limited quantities due to its age and rarity. Readers should note that very little whisky was produced at the distillery in the middle '90s. Ardbeg’s production halted in 1981, then resumed in 1989 under Hiram Walker but remained at a low level until late 1996. Most Ardbeg enthusiasts will have tasted little from this distillery's 'quiet period'. Hence, this first edition represents a genuine slice of Islay history. Already selling at auction for over $2K, a collector rush in the UK has seen this quickly disappear. We have a tiny allocation.

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