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Pickup available at Paul's Liquor (Western Sydney outlets). Please email us before picking up.

The presentation for the Beluga Transatlantic Racing Vodka Leather Gift Box reflects the aristocratic position the company is seeking to occupy with this ultra-vodka brand. The attention to detail in the leather stitching and embossing is nothing short of breath taking. The leather case is closed with 2 button poppers and held closed with magnets which feels very satisfying when you open it! This is an impressive and imposing gift to give someone on a special occasion. The vodka has a 45 day resting period which makes the flavour more delicate, after it's filtered through cotton. Beluga is produced from malt using a natural fermentation process without the addition of enzymes or chemicals. After distillation, Beluga undergoes quartz sand filtration and is rested for three months prior to bottling.

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