Bula Premium Fijian Noble Kava

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Bula Premium Fijian Noble Kava

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Bula Premium Fijian Noble Kava


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Bula Premium Fijian Noble Kava

Kava has been Fiji’s traditional choice to promote better sleep and relaxation for over 3000 years. Thanks to its naturally occurring composition of kavalactones and chemical makeup, it’s considered the purest and safest form of Kava. Each Noble Kava plant is nurtured throughout the years to produce predictable yields and a consistent kavalactone level. In doing so, They are able to replicate the therapeutic benefits of Kava in every serving. 

- Kava grown in Savusavu, Fiji
- 5+ Yrs (age of Plant)
- Supplier is largest exporter out of Savusavu (85%)

Please note - we are not able to ship this product to Northern Territory.

***Limited Time Promotion***

For the first 50 orders only, For each 1kg fo Kava purchased - recieve a free premium Bilo to enjoy your Kava with!

For the first 50 orders - buy 2kg of Bula Premium Kava and recieve 250g free!


Bula Premium Kava Reviews 

"Tried this stuff! Did wonders for me - honestly a fan of Kava since
trying it"


" A smooth classic Fijian Kava flavor profile. Bit of a peppery tang,
some of that soapy flavor and a nice mouth numbing effect "

" Not overly strong and low on the bitterness. Lighter and less earthy
than my regular goto out of Kadavu. Very drinkable with low grimace
factor "

" Feels like it leans more into the sedative vibe and will be pretty
good to sleep on, as apposed to the other Savusavu with its insane
rocketship of Kavain that keeps me up until 3am "

" what an amazing drink, absolute premium quality, very smooth drink, I
could feel my body relax, perfect way to unwind your week. I had the
most amazing sleep and woke up feeling refreshed "

" Yeah its good stuff. I like it. I could drink this regularly and I
just ordered a Kg to have it around to switch it up from time to time. "

" Yeah the DHM was great for sleep. I got an easy 10 hours. "

Kava Forums Review:


" Still think Paul's is one of the better kavas easily and quickly
available in Aus at this early stage (at the discounted price, at
least). Who would've thought the booze kava would come out ahead "


"I did find the Paul's kava quite good for a night time kava. "


" Lovin the opening up of kava options in Aus! Buying kava off FB
marketplace or gumtree was such hit and miss and you didn’t know what
you were really getting. Recently bought Green Gold Kava from Paul’s
liquor online and was impressed. Good vibes and very drinkable. "


" I just had to share that I’ve just now gone back to the Paul’s liquor
green gold kava after a while trying others and gotta say it’s pretty
good. Coming from a liquor store I think it’s probably been looked down
on (including from me) but it’s greasy which you can tell is packed with
kavalactones and gives a very nice chill. It will remain in my rotation!

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