5799 6499

The special Limited Edition numbered release was created to celebrate the return of the Famous Bundaberg Rum Black 12 Year Old. This bottle features the amazing wood cut illustration of The Night Harvest panoramic scene in Bundaberg wrapped around the entire bottle. Bundaberg Rum Black 12 Year Old was first released in 1994. Due to its limited number of bottles it was enjoyed by a few but still remembered by many. Since then, they have tinkered and toiled to bring back the legendary character of this premium rum, as a permanent addition to the Bundaberg Rum family.

Ageing their famous rum for 12 long years produces a magical deep red glow that mirrors Bundaberg’s majestic burning cane fields set against the night sky. Flavours of warming aromatic clove, nutmeg and rich molasses develop into a raisin and honeyed oak finish.


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