Pickup available at Paul's Liquor (Western Sydney outlets). Please email us before picking up.

Under the unique name of Vieille France ("Old France" in French), founder Leon Lebrun wanted to create an exceptional cuvee. This high quality Champagne perpetuates the tradition of excellence.

The classic shape evokes bottles of the past that were only used for serving at the table—it replaced the jug that held wine drawn from the barrel in the larder or cellar in the 18th century. This unique shape and thick glass enable the Champagne to be kept longer and age in better conditions. The splendid painted silver bottle shows respect for the value and history of Champagne and the Champagne region.

This vintage is produced in a limited quantity from the best quality premier cru and grand cru grapes carefully selected from the family vineyards. The blend is dominated by pinot noir with a smaller portion of chardonnay and shows ripe fruit aromas, like fig and apricots, with roasted notes of coffee and cocoa. It is lively and full on the palate and expresses a delicious, harmonious and well-balanced finish.

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