For his latest experiment, Malt Master Brian Kinsman found his inspiration in the freezing vineyards of the renowned Peller Estate winery near Niagara, Canada. Kinsman put the project together after years of encouragement from Glenfiddich's Canadian Brand Ambassador, Beth Havers. His memories of the extreme conditions and the unique production process of the intensely sweet Icewine led him to experiment with several French oak Icewine casks. What he found fascinated him. 

This unique production technique results in an 'Icewine' which is aged in French Oak casks - these casks are the ones used to create the Glenfiddich Winter Storm. Brian discovered that only the rarer, 21 year old whiskies could cope with the intensity of the Icewine barrels, hence why this Experimental series has such a high age statement.

This is the third release in the Experimental Series (following Project XX and the IPA Cask). It's also reportedly the smallest production in the series to date with just short of 8,000 bottles globally.

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