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Pickup available at Paul's Liquor (Western Sydney outlets). Please email us before picking up.

The Case

Your AK47 Kalashnikov Vodka Souvenir Bottle comes complete with its own genuine AK 47 Kalashnikov solid carry case.  It is painted ‘military green’, it has strong metal hinges and metal clips to hold the case securely fastened and it also has a metal carry handle firmly screwed into the solid frame. To distinguish your case from the original machine gun case, there is a large black sticker on the front of the case which says Kalashnikov Vodka.

The Bottle

The bottle itself is in the shape of the AK47 Kalashnikov machine gun and has a capacity of 700ml of Vodka.  The main section of the bottle is made of one piece clear glass and the labelling is black ink printed onto the butt of the bottle.  The ‘bottle top’ as such is made from black plastic or metal and incorporates a front sight, the same as the AK 47 machine gun.  The bottle has an additional label attached for compliance with Australian alcohol and importer origin laws.


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