Pickup available at Paul's Liquor (Western Sydney outlets). Please email us before picking up.

This Kujira Ryukyu Whisky is 100% selected rice distilled and matured in first fill bourbon barrels for more than 24 years by Kumesen Shuzo in Okinawa. Okinawa is part of the Ryukyu Islands, which are a chain of subtropical islands located at the southernmost tip of Japan. Kujira Ryukyu Whisky is an utterly unique tropical style Japanese Whisky. Thanks to the island’s warm climate, whisky takes less time to mature and thus has a stronger aroma and a bolder taste.

This small batch Kujira Ryukyu Whisky is matured in bourbon barrel for more than 24 years which is made entirely of rice provides a wonderful taste profile that has distinguished itself from its malt counterparts and creates a refreshing choice for spirits lovers. Limited edition release with only 200 bottles available within Australia (6000 bottles released worldwide).


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