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Produced by the Lemercier Frères Distillery, this absinthe comes exactly from the original absinthe recipes of the distillery. Plants and seeds are carefully selected and macerated and distilled. The Abisinthe will age at least 9 months in bottles, stored in the attic, before being marketed.

By the end of the 18th century, doctor Pierre Ordinaire, native of the Doubs, but exiled in the canton of Neuchatel in Switzerland, invented the absinthe elixir, composed of aromatic plants from which he claimed had curative powers. At his death, he bequeathed the secret of this elixir to his housekeeper who was supposed to have sold it to the Henriot sisters at Couvet. Those women cultivated by themselves the plants that they distilled in a little still; the liqueur was then distributed by hawkers. Not managing to keep up with demand, they sold the recipe in 1797 to Major Dubied, who, with his son, settled the first absinthe distillery in Couvet. From a once medicinal potion, absinthe was soon being consumed for pleasure. Since its growing success, a second distillery was created and absinthe soon became known through the whole of France thanks to commercial travellers.

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