Pickup available at Paul's Liquor (Western Sydney outlets). Please email us before picking up.

A 3-pack of 375ml bottles from Reservoir distillery, a Bourbon, a Rye and a Wheat whiskey, each 50%ABV distilled from 100% of the ingredient grain.

Reservoir Rye

Nose: Honey and crème brulee, rye spice and yeast, some orange peel/citrus tones
Palate: Sweet notes of dark chocolate, anise, spicy with pepper
Finish: Resolves into a dry finish leaving cola and molasses on the tongue, classic rye shortstop

Awarded Gold at 2021 SFWSC

ABV: 50% 

Reservoir Wheat

Nose: Port, hint of oak, honey, and caramel notes
Palate: Velvet texture, sweet but not cloying (given the lack of corn), perfumed notes of rose petals
Finish: Orange peels, herbaceous, and honeyed with a long lasting mouth feel

Awarded Whiskey of 2019 by CigarLovers Magazine
Awarded Gold at 2021 SFWSC

ABV: 50%

Reservoir Bourbon

Nose: Vanilla, chalk, corn, and toast
Palate: Char, pencil shavings, coffee, and pecan with a medium to full body
Finish: Tobacco leaf transitioning into a lingering sweet cherry finish

Awarded Silver at 2021 SFWSC

ABV: 50%


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